Flowerpower is a
monster with a flower on the top of its head. It has leaves surrounding its neck and two big black eyes. It is one of the three crystal monsters that are available at the beginning of the game as your starter crystal monster.

Encyclopedia DataEdit

"A plant-type monster. The bigger the flower on top of its head, the stronger it is said to become."

Flowerpower weighs 8 kg, is 40 cm tall, and its rarity (cat.) is Normal.


To evolve a Flowerpower, you have to purchase a plant essence core (200 g) and then give it to Flowerpower at a certain level. If you choose Flowerpower as a starter it is required in order to continue the game. When you first evolve a normal Flowerpower (light green with pink flower) it turns into a Flowerpower Plus (even lighter green with white flower) and evolved once again into a Mega Flowerpower (slightly light blue with darker pink flower).


A normal Flowerpower knows two moves: Bite (animal) and Vine (plant). This is similar to Kiticon and Tadpolaris , who also know bite. When you evolve it into a Flowerpower Plus it learns Vine entangle (plant). When you evolve it into a Mega Flowerpower, it learns Mystery Seed (plant).

Bite costs 0 of your SP. Vine costs 1 of your SP. Vine entangle costs 5 of your SP. Mystery seed costs 13 of your SP.


  • It's name is based on the saying Flower-Power.
  • Its appearance is similar to palmon from the Digimon franchise.