Kiticon is a feline-like monster with orange stripes on its head and cheeks. Its tail and "mane" is made up of flames. Its element is fire. It is one of the three crystal monsters you start the game with. 



Encyclopedia DataEdit

"A fire-type monster. It has the appearance of a small cat; however, it is able to employ powerful fire attacks when it evolves."

Kiticon weighs 6 kg, is 40 cm tall, and its rarity (cat.) is Normal.


If Kiticon is chosen as the starter crystal monster, it is part of the storyline to evolve it. When you first evolve a normal Kiticon (yellow) it turns into a Kiticon Plus (hot pink) and evolved once again into a Mega Kiticon (scarlet).


Kiticon knows two moves: Bite (animal) and Fire Ball (fire). When you evolve it into a Kiticon Plus, it learns Fire Wave (fire). When you evolve it into a Mega Kiticon, it learns Fire Twister (fire).

Bite costs 0 of your SP. Fire ball costs 1 of your SP. Fire wave costs 16 of your SP. Fire twister costs 26 of your SP. Fire wave hits all of the foes, while the other moves hit only one.


  •  Kiticon was originally called Kittycon.
  • It's name is based off of the word Kitten.

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