The player controls the protagonist from an overhead perspective and navigates him around a fictional world called Earth with the goal of becoming the greatest trainer. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can see monsters (called Neo-Seeds) and those who can't (Pure-Breeds). This game features a total of 9 towns, along with different terrains, such as routes, dungeons, etc. The protagonist is a young boy who lives in Dicot. He has a dream of being given a choice of one of 3 different starter monsters by his friend Bishop: A Fire-type (Kiticon), Water-type (Tadpolaris) or Plant-type (Flowerpower). After waking up in school and realising it was all a dream, he goes outside and sees a bully named Rudiger steal Bishop's Essence Core. He confronts Rudiger at the Ruins and gets Bishop's EC back, receiving the same starter monster that he chose in the dream. He discovers that he is a Neo-Seed and soon finds himself embarking on a quest throughout the Earth to stop two different enemies: Final Monsters (the bosses of all monsters) and Pure-Faction, a political party that wants to segregate Pure-Breeds and Neo-Seeds. The game can't be saved after being beaten so once the game is beaten, the player will restart at the last save point.